Wood Gasification Boilers, Wood Log Boilers from 20 kW to 100 kW

As Austrian producer of wood gasification boilers we stand for quality, efficiency and safety. Our Turbotec wood gasification boilers have been produced since almost three decades in our facility in Steyr, Upper Austria and are known for their longlivety and uncomplicated operation and cleaning.

Wood logs with a length from 5 cm to 1,2 m are combusted most optimal and efficient with the help of a lambda probe. You can find boilers for half-metre logs, metre-logs and even boilers suitable for combusting whole pallets in our product range. The simple cleaning of our wood gasification boilers convinces every fancier of wood heating!

The wood gasification boilers are available with 20 kW to 100 kW. Our newest effords provide you with the comfort of a modern heating system, with remote access via mobile devices as well as remote ignition.

Why wood gasification boilers from STREBEL:

  • Wood log boilers produced in our own facility in Steyr, Upper Austria aus
    ⇒ product of Austrian quality
  • More than 100 years of experience in boiler construction
  • Own factory service

  • Spare parts for many years
  • Easy boiler cleaning
  • Wood gasification boiler is delivered ready-wired – fast montage of the heating system
  • Durable design, also for industry
  • Optimum combustion and automatic controller
  • Exceptional: 100 kW wood gasification boiler
  • Special feature: Wood gasification boiler for 1 m wood logs and 1,2 m palettes

Turbotec wood gasification boilers ⇒ Safe, efficient, durable! 

Our wood gasification boilers are produced as wood gasification boiler Turbotec LC-1/LC-2 and
wood gasification boiler Turbotec LC-EASY.

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