Clean Heating With Wood Gasification Boilers

There are many good reasons to use wood logs for heating. It is a regrowing resource, grows mostly in close proximity, can be prepared by the boiler operator and is easy and cleanly to store.



Wood is practically free from sulfur oxyde and heavy metals. Therefore, it makes an important contribution to protect our environment.

After the gasification process in our wood gasification boilers, only a small amount of ash consisting only of mineral substances remains.


Our wood gasification boilers is suitable for all kinds of untreated wood.

The performance-adapted heat generation saves you essential heating costs because the fuel consumption is beeing kept as low as possible.

Our wood gasification boilers are equipped with a lambda control system, which uses the advantages of wood logs as a fuel most efficiently and keeps emissions within a limit. The modern controller technology regulates the three phases of wood gasification.


Firstly, the wood logs are beeing warmed up and dried at the same time, then wood starts to disintegrate during pyrolysis and finally, the remaining coal is beeing combusted.





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Wood Gasification Boiler Models 20 kW to 100 kW

thermostrom wood gasification boilers for half-metre-long wood logs (length 50 to 550 mm)

Turbotec 20 LC-EASY/LC-1/LC-2, 20 kW;
-          Turbotec 25 LC-EASY/LC-1/LC-2, 25 kW;
-          Turbotec 30 LC-EASY/LC-1/LC-2, 30 kW;
-          Turbotec 40 LC-EASY/LC-1/LC-2, 40 kW;
-          Turbotec 40S LC-1/LC-2, 40 kW;
-          Turbotec 50 LC-1/LC-2, 50 kW;
-          Turbotec 60 LC-1/LC-2, 60 kW;
-          Turbotec 70 LC-1/LC-2, 70 kW.

thermostrom wood gasification boilers for metre-long wood logs(length 50 to 1050 mm)

-     Turbotec 50L LC-1/LC-2 BSB, 50 kW;
-     Turbotec 60L LC-1/LC-2  BSB, 60 kW;
-     Turbotec 100L LC-1/LC-2  BSB, 93 kW.

thermostromwood gasification boiler forwood pallets (length 50 to 1250 mm)

-     Turbotec 75L LC-1/LC-2  BSB, 75 kW.