STREBEL Taurus 350 kW to 1050 kW Universal Biomass Boilers

Strebel Taurus 350 to 1000kW Universal Biomass Boilers are fitted with PLC lambda sensor control and offer extensive control and regulation options. Maintenance friendly operation is achieved by the hydraulically-driven step grate; self-acting floor and combustion chamber de-ashing; high-level de-ashing auger with side ash bin, and automatic de-ashing and cleaning of the horizontal shell and tube heat exchanger. The modulating primary and secondary air fans and the modulating exhaust fan also provide an efficient automatic combustion process.

All our Strebel Taurus 350 to 1000kW universal biomass boilers have an efficiency of over 90% and are proven to meet world-leading emissions values for biomass boilers. The stoker and ash augers are of especially solid design, and the gearboxes and motors are maintenance-free.

For these reasons, the Strebel Taurus 350 to 1000kW Universal Biomass Boilers are one of the most user-friendly, maintenance-friendly range of boilers on the market today and can be used in many applications.