Overview Of Our Products

Here you can find products from our product lines GEBE, STREBEL & THERMOSTROM.

Wood Gasification Boiler Turbotec 20 kW – 100 kW

The GEBE-STREBEL-THERMOSTROM group offers possibly the safest and most durable wood gasification boilers on the market. The range of products includes boilers from 20 kW to 100 kW. The construction of the boilers allows the feeding with half metre and metre logs as well as whole wood pallets – depending on the design.

We offer complete wood gasification heating systems with controller and compensator tanks.

Our wood gasification boilers are available as Turbotec LC-1/LC-2 and Turbotec LC-EASY.

Pellet Boilers Biotec And Thermotec Nova

STREBEL offers pellet boilers as compact heating system with integrated pellet silo as well as pellet boilers for fully automatic feeding systems.

The space-saving Biotec pellet plant is available with 25 kW sand 40 kW. It automatically optimises combustion up to 90 % efficiency.

Our Thermotec Nova is a fully automatic pellet boiler which can be equipped with a regulation module for enquiring heating system information from afar.

Ask us about complete heating systems with pellet boiler, controller and compensator tanks.


Biomass Boilers

The biomass heating systems from STREBEL can be installed with a wide output range from 13 kW to 1050 kW.

Our biomass boilers Taurus are used for combustion of all kind of pellets, wood logs, wood chips, corncobs, Miscanthus and other biological 'wastes'.

Here you can find more information about biomass.


Gas-Brennwertgeräte Victrix

Abgestimmt auf Anschlüsse älterer GEBE-Thermen, 2 bis 114,1 kW

Gaskessel EG

Atmosphärischer Gussgliederkessel, schadstoffarmer LOW-NOX-Brenner, 17 bis 30 kW

Öl-Brennwertkessel EC-C 

Gussgliederkessel für Heizöl EL, 15 bis 38 kW

Öl-/Gas-Gussgliederkessel RU

Gussgliederkessel für Großanlagen, ausrüstbar mit Gas- oder Ölbrenner, 400 kW bis 1350 kW



GEBE-Gaskonvektoren für Kamin- oder Außenwandanschluss. Erhältlich mit 4,6 bis 8/8,9 kW.

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Hochwertige Kochgeräte von GEBE in 50, 54, 60 und 90 cm Breite sowie als Einbaumodelle.

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